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Developing the Perfect Web Site

August 22nd, 2018

Five years ago it was nice but not mandatory for owners of small to mid-size businesses to have a web site in order successfully market their company. Unless e-commerce was a potential source of revenue, you could choose if and when to join the Internet set. That is no longer true.

Today businesses of all sizes, including independent consultants, find it nearly impossible to remain competitive without a presence on the web. Potential clients ask for your web site address because it gives them a non-invasive way to learn more about you and your business. A well-designed and developed web site offers more than just products and services, it can be a great starting point to building your brand and developing a relationship with potential clients by giving insight into the organization, its core values and its personality. It’s not an issue of when to start on your web site, you already know that you need one now. The problem is how to get started.

Here are four steps that will help you evaluate what you need. Consider each before you begin interviewing web designers; professional marketing and design groups should ask you these same issues and offer to help you work through the process. If they don’t, if they go first to a package price, buyer beware. Your web site may not reflect your company brand and might not give your customers what they need from your site.

Step 1: Know how a web site will support your marketing plan
Put into writing your thoughts on company philosophy, all marketing efforts being used and other aspects of your company’s brand. Evaluate the image you currently are projecting and how it compares to your competitors. If you have a written marketing plan, share that with your designer. Know who the main user of your site will be and understand their web viewing needs.

Web sites should offer business solutions, so knowing where you are and where you want to go are critical to developing a successful site that supports your brand. Understanding your customers or the end user of your site and their expectations will determine key factors like color, style and font, images used, technology supported. Building a complex site for a lo-tech end user is a misuse of assets. Conversely you won’t be able to compete against hi-end sites if yours fails to perform at a similar level. Talk all of this through with your web and marketing teams.

Step 2: Determine your site’s value
Ranges are fine, but establish a value for the site. Notice I said value and not price—how important to your business will this web site become? Based on the research you did in Step 1, you can make a sound decision on the value your site will give to your customers and how it may directly affect sales results. This allows you to determine an appropriate investment levels so you can better evaluate the estimates you will be given for web development.

Step 3: Envision your web site at its best
Consider what your ultimate dream machine web site would look like and how it would operate. Evaluate all kinds of sites not just those of competitors; look for images, ease of use, content. Bring likes and dislikes to your design team. Decide if your site will be used to drive retail sales now or in the future and the designers can help determine how that might be accomplished.

By discussing where you want to be, a web designer can build your first site with long-range goals in mind. A costly mistake many people make is buying the least expensive package, using a templated and sometimes restricted design or getting the bare minimum site available. Usually those sites cannot be easily adapted and in order to grow the site you have to start fresh.

Step 4: Build each web page on paper first
I like to work with clients to think through, and put on paper, how every web page will work—content, function, navigation, images, links, databases. This allows us to estimate the cost of the site and it helps clients choose between must-haves, good-to-haves and great but not necessary pages and accessories. This is where you can really start to see the site developing.

Now it’s time to design
Using all the information gathered, your web design team will begin to create visual elements, write copy and formulate the form and function of your site. The look of your site, all the visual elements that will make it distinctly yours, begin now. Your research and time spent meeting with the design team will help give you the web site that effectively communicates with your customers, offers business solutions and supports your brand. The perfect web site!

Achieve Success For Your Business With A Top Development Company

August 21st, 2018

Most of us know how going online benefits our business and helps it in many ways. We also know how a poorly developed website stops our business from reaping all those rewards the online world has to offer. Besides, we are aware of the fact that only feature-rich, user-friendly and SEO-driven websites have any chance of succeeding on the internet, as the rest have to live with virtual anonymity. We’re also familiar about the fact that technical merits are needed more in websites than visual charms. In a sense, we know a lot of things and apply them as well while hiring a development agency.

It’s due to our in-depth knowledge of the development that we can pose some really tough questions to developers. We can ask them the ways to deliver us improved ROI and boost the revenue. We can ask them the kind of technologies they use for various types of development projects. At the same time, we can ask about their digital marketing strategies for businesses across industry verticals. Our understanding of the development helps us select the best agency and transform the fate of the business. Our awareness of the latest trends and web technologies helps us save a lot of money and time for our development projects.

Similarly, as we’re knowledgeable, we can hire the best company with ease and meet our business goals in exactly the way it should. We can ask the agency to give us its client list, tell us about the programming language used in different development projects and specify its search engine optimization strategy. We know how a lot of companies try to misguide customers by diverting their attention from development to design. They want you not to ask anything beyond the look-and-feel or visual aspect of the website, as most of them are good only at designing and not at development.

You should therefore know that technical merits are more important for a website than its visual appeals. A website should indeed look attractive and charming, but aesthetic values have a limited role to play in winning the trust and confidence of your business’ target audience. It’s, after all, the ease of access, the simplicity of navigation and good experience with the website which makes the real difference. Users should be comfortable using your website and they should get a good experience as well. They will leave the site the moment they find any part confusion or hard to decipher.

Overall, it would not be easy to find the desired web development company if you did not have sufficient knowledge of the domain. It’s therefore important to understand your needs and then gain some information from the internet about the kind of development projects your business needs. Based on the knowledge, you can search a development agency and your chances of finding the best one improve a lot. So, don’t take chances with your development projects and make sure to gain some knowledge before doing the all-important task of hiring.

Planning and Research – Important Part of Web Design

August 20th, 2018

A ‘website design’ requires a lot of planning and research along with good bit of effort. But with the march of the time, now we have some excellent and easy procedures and measures, which help a lot in course of website designing. Now it is not a tough job any more to create a good and professional website with not so advanced skill (still, at least a minimum level of designing skill necessary though) and in very less amount of time. When you are designing a web site, then you must have a good collection of web logos, web templates and some other important components, which are very much important in case of web designing.

Now, it is very much important to have a particular plan much before designing a website, depending upon your goal to design the website. Now along with the planning it is also quite important to realize the goal, for which you are designing the web site. Now, if you are not clear to these objectives, your intention of good website design may fail. It is also essential to collect through data about your business strategies, pricing and the customers before starting to design the website. If possible try to conduct a market survey and obtain the proper result before designing.

Now, start to make and execute the plans, which are to be made after the decision of the website development. When the whole thing is decided, at first you have to choose the proper template so that it can match your requirements. You can find many finely designed web templates in various websites, which are totally free of cost and free for circulation and modification. Otherwise, you can buy templates too. There are lots of companies, who are providing nice web templates in very reasonable rate. While buying, you will have the options of buying a ‘copy-right’ template or a ‘non copy-right template’. Certainly, the price of the ‘copy right template’ is in the higher side. One thing should be noted that a website needs thorough up gradation and total maintenance. While up grading, you may add several new contents, new links or images, and updates to your website. Now, since these inclusions are necessary, so it is also essential that web-template is easily upgradeable. In fact, edit some portions of the web development template as par your necessity.

Now, you have to put then related contents to the web template you have. The contents include the images, texts, flash objects and many other things. Now it is important to add contents considering the physical web space you have. You content should be limited within the physical space. Now you can add the contents to the template by using various editors like MS FrontPage or even Dream Weaver. Now after these works you have to link the template (filled with various contents) to a certain domain address. It is important to have a domain address, which is simple to pronounce.

Now, some people are designing the websites in professional basis. In fact, web site designing is simple job if the mentioned tips are followed thoroughly.